Angry Birds Is A FAKE 2012 Film Based On Angry Birds.


Fake PlotEdit

In 1971, The Ark, An Avian Ship Piloted By The Mighty Eagle Carrying Some Special Cargo To Defeat The Pigs On Their Structure Crashlands On The Far Side Of The Moon. The Crash Is Detected On Earth By NASA, And President John F. Kennedy Authorizes A Mission To Put A Man On The Moon As A Cover For Investigating The Craft. In 1971, The Crew Of Apollo 14 Lands On The Moon. The 8 Angry Birds Are On Place.

Fake CastEdit

  • John Cusack as Logan Benningfeild
  • Tyrese Gibson as Tech Seargant Robert Pearce
  • Josh Duhamel as Captain Chris Hopper
  • Anthony Anderson as Jensen
  • Amanda Peet as Emily Benningfeild
  • John Turturro as Ray Brocko
  • Robert De Niro as John Keller
  • Robin Atkin Downes as Red Bird
  • Jess Harnell as Blue Bird
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Yellow Bird
  • Robert Foxworth as Black Bird
  • Jeff Bennett as White Bird
  • James Remar as Boomerang Bird
  • Clancy Brown as Big Brother Bird
  • Frank Welker as Orange Bird And Mighty Eagle
  • Jerry Trainor as Mighty Dragon (in Chinatown)
  • Emily Demaggi as Pink Bird
  • Steven Blum as Small/Medium/Large Pig And Narrator
  • John DiMaggio as Helmet Pig
  • Charlie Alder as Mustache Pig
  • Hugo Weaving as King Pig

Fake ProductionEdit

Fake MarketingEdit

There were Media For Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wallmart, LG Phones, Kmart, Dunkin Donuts, M&Ms, Green Giant and Subway.

Fake ReleaseEdit

The Film was Released On July 13, 2012 In The USA And Some Countries, While The Film was First Released On June 29, 2012 In The UK And Canada.

Fake PostersEdit

Fake PromotionsEdit

Fake TrailersEdit

  • Fake Teaser Trailer: Premired September 2, 2011,
    Film apollo18 clip
    Along With Apollo 18. In 1971, Apollo 14 Was Given A Special Mission. Features "Blurry Footage" From The Unofficial Apollo 14 Mission, Whom Ends With Lunar Moudle Pilot Egdar D. Mitchell And Commander Alan B. Shepard, Jr. As They Enconter A Shadowy Eagle-Like Figure. It Was The Only Warning We Would Ever Get.
    800px-Movie Lennox Scorponoktail
  • Fake Trailer 1: Premired January 13, 2012, Along With Beauty And The Beast 3D. "Whatever Fell Out Of The Sky Ended Up Right Here Behind Me..." On July 13... Our World... Will Go Viral. Notable For The Horrifically Grating Electronic "Music" Of The Second Half.
  • Fake Trailer 2: Premired
    Movie2007 Bonecrusher attacks Prime
    May 25, 2012, Along With Men In Black III. "Got A Little Surprise For Ya, Kids." Starts Off With Various Boy-And-His-Bird Clips, Then The Birds Arriving On Earth. Pigs Have Come To Destroy Us... Birds Have Come To Protect Us. Additional Focus Points Include Angrybot Entering The Alley, Sector 10 Capturing Red, and Colapsor tackling Angrybot. "Bring it!!"
  • Fake International Trailer: Premired May 25, 2012. Simular To Trailer 2, But With Several Diffrences:
  • The Meteor Shower Cuts Before The Interior Of The House Shown.
  • A Side View Of Big Brother's Face Looking At Dom And Mikaela Replaces The Frontial Shot.
  • The Scene Of The Helmet Pig In Chicago Is Extended And Has Lennox Yelling In The Middle Of It.
  • A Kid Yelling "Cool Mom!" Is Heard In The Middle Of The Highway Battle.
  • "7-13-12" Is Replaced By A Bonus Scene With Logan Telling Big Brother To Stay Out Of His Perents' Sight, And Then The Stacked Word "Coming Soon".
  • Fake Grounded International Trailer: Premired June 8, 2012, Along With Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. This Trailer Was Created To Run Exclusively In Front Of Madagascar 3 And has never been officially released outside of these showings. At this point, the trailer becomes very different to the previous two:
  • The Scene Featuring Meteors Striking Dodger Stadium Is Not Present.
  • The "Protect" In "Birds Have Come To Protect Us" Is Replaced By "Defend".
  • Red Being Captured By Sector 10 Is Also Not Present.
  • Other New Scenes Include A Pig Under A Chair (Which Is Shown In Some TV Spots), The Birds Almost Spotted By The Benningfeilds And The Boomerang Bird Attacking.
  • Sadly, "Bring It!" Is Removed.

  • Fake Trailer 3:
    Premired June 22, 2012, Along With Brave. On July 13... "You Gotta Get In The Car. Trust Me!" No Matter Where You Live... No Matter What You Believe... "Bring It!" Our World Will Go Viral. Also Very Notable For The Horribly Eletronic Booming "Music" Of The Second Half.

Fake TV SpotsEdit

  • Superbowl XLVI TV Spot: Premired February 1, 2012. They Are Already Here... Hiding In Plain Sight. "You Gotta Get In The Car. Trust Me!"
  • Nascar Daytona 600 TV Spot: Premired March 10, 2012. On July 13.. "You Gotta Get In The Car. Trust Me!" ..Birds Will Come To Protect Us... Pigs Will Come To Destroy Us.
  • TV Trailer: Premired April 17, 2012. "You Gotta Get In The Car. Trust Me!" On July 13... Birds Will Come To Protect Us... Pigs Will Come To Destroy Us. "Bring It!"
  • Declare: Premired June 19, 2012. They Are Like Nothing You've Ever Seen... And They Have Come To Take Over Our Planet.
  • Fight: Premired June 19, 2012. "Guess What Toy I Saw Last Night That JUST Came To Life." Only One Team.. Can Wreck Your Summer. "This Thing is Wicked." On July 13.. "Come On!" Our Fight... "Bring It!" Begins... "Get These Pigs Now!" ...In 3D.
  • It's On: Premired June 19, 2012. They Have Arrived. Pigs Have Come To Destroy Us... And There Are Birds That Who Will Stand By Our Side. "This Thing Is Wicked."
  • Time For Miracles TV Spot: Premired June 28, 2012. Exactly Like The Nascar Daytona 600 TV Spot, But Is Replaced By Adam Lambert's Tie-In Song For The Film, "Time For Miracles".
  • Freakout: Premired July 1, 2012. "Emily, Our Kids' Toy Is Alive." On July 13... "Good Luck, Do It So." The Summer's Biggest Adventure... "Bring It!" Takes Shape.
  • Destruction: Premired July 1, 2012. "Our Toy Is Alive." On July 13.... "We're Under Attack!!" Everything.... "It's Time To Make A Stand!" Will Change. "Bring It!"
  • Vibaration: Premired July 1, 2012. They Can Take Any Shape... They Can Hide Anywhere. "You Gotta Get In The Car. Trust Me!" "Bring It!"
  • AMC Theaters Promo: Premired July 2, 2012. On July 13... "This Thing Is Wicked." It's AMC Theater Time Is The Theater Time! "Bring It!" "You Gotta Get In The Car. Trust Me!"
  • Cover Up: Premired July 8, 2012. This Friday.... "Get These Pigs Now!" They're Teaming Up... "You're My Guardian." To Transform Your Summer.
  • Hero Countdown: Premired July 8, 2012, For A Limited Time At 3c On ABC Family. "Go Go Go!" This Friday... "It's Time To Make A Stand!" The Fight For Our World Begins.
  • Greatest Enemy: Premired July 8, 2012. "Whatever Fell Out Of The Sky Fell Out Right Behind Me.." A Moment We Never Witnessed... "It's Time To Make A Stand!" An Enemy We Never Expected. "Bring It!"
  • Mystery: Premired July 8, 2012. We Faced The Games... "Get These Pigs Now!" This Friday.. "Come On!" We Join The War... "Bring It!" ...In 3D.
  • Around: "What The Heck Was That?" They Are Already Here... "Blue for Multiples, Black for Stones, Yellow for Distance, and White when you're near the Bomb." All Around Us..."Hang On!" "Get Theese Pigs Now!" In 3D. "Bring It!"
  • Real-D 3D TV Spot: Premired July 10, 2012. This Friday... "Come On!" 3D... "Fire!" Has Never Been Like This Before. "Good Luck, Do It So." "Bring It!"
  • The #1 Movie in America!: Premired July 13, 2012. "Good Luck, Do It So." USA Today Calls It Our #1 Movie In America, Rolling Stone Calls It A Must-See And 5 Stars and 8 Angry Birds. "Get These Pigs Now!" "You Gotta Get In The Car. Trust Me!" Now... "This Thing Is Wicked." Fight... For Your Future.

Fake DVD TV SpotsEdit

  • DVD TV Spot: Premired October 2, 2012. On December 11... "This Thing Is Wicked." Time... "Fire!" To Sling! "Danm, I'm Good."
  • Two Thumbs Up!: Premired October 7, 2012. It Has 8 Angry Birds Total. "Darn It!" On December 11... "Good God!" A Two Thumbs Up For The DVD! "Mighty Dragon Is Looping In Chinatown!"
  • Happy Halloween: Premired October 11, 2012. Boo Yourself on December 11... "Fire!" "Move the Siren!" Halloween... "Danm, I'm Good." Is Coming.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday Angry Birds: Premired December 11, 2012. (noisemakers blowing and crowds cheering) Happy Birthday Angry Birds! "Blue for mulitiples, Black for stones, Yellow for distance, White when you're near the bomb." 8 Angry Birds! "I Am The Mighty Dragon!" 2 Mighty Friends! "Mighty Dragon's In Chinatown!" It Is Our 3rd Birthday!