Birdfall is a movie which is a parody of the 2012 James Bond 007 movie,Skyfall.The movie stars Red Bird as James Bird,Boomerang Bird as A, a parody of Q,King Pig as Silva Pig,Female White Bird as B,a parody to M,White Bird as Garreth Bird,Yellow Bird as Birdcade,a parody of Kincade, Female Red Bird as Eve Birdpenny,Pig as Pigtrice,and Pink Bird as Sévérine Bird.


In Instanbird,MIEGG agents James Bird and Eve chase a mercenary,Pigtrice,who stole a computer hard egg containing details placed in terrorist organisations by BIRD states.Pigtrice wounds Bird in the tip and, as the bird and the pig slingshot themselves atop a nest train,Eve accidently slingshotted a rock to hit Bird,allowing Pigtrice to escape.Bird falls to the river and goes missing,presumming to be dead with the eggs with him .

In the aftermath of the operation B,the head of MIEGG, comes under birdlitical pressure to retire from Garreth Bird,the Birdtelligence and Egg Security Committee Chairbird.On her return from her meeting,MIEGG's servers are breached and B receives a taunting message via egg computer moments before the offices at the top and bottom floors of a fictionalized Rovio headquarters explode,with copies of the Developer Birds inside.MIEGG relocates to its emergency offices under the headquarters.Bird,having used his supposed death,learns of the attack and returns to a fictionalized Finland.Although he has failed a series of physical and psychological examinations,B approves his return to the field nonetheless.Shreegnel taken from a tip wound helps identify Pigtrice, and intelligence places him in Shangbird,where he is planning a pigsassination.Bird is ordered to idenify Pigtrice's employer pig,recover the stolen egg drive and put a corpse sprite on Pigtrice.

After Pigtrice kills his target,he and Bird slingshot themselves again, but before Bird can learn of his employer,Pigtrice falls to his death.Searching Pigtrice's equipment,Bird finds a gambling egg intended as payment for the pigsassination,which leads him to the Angry Birds land area of a fictionalized Särkänniemi.Bird approaches Sévérine Bird,whom he witnessed as a accomplice in the pigsassination,and asks to meet her employer. She warns him that he is about to be in a corpse sprite by her bodypigs,but promises to help him if he used the egg bomb used by Garreth Bird to defeat Silva Pig.Bird defeats his slingshotter pigs and joins Sévérine Bird on her nest boat.They travel to an island off the coast of Finland,where they are taken prisoner by the pig crew and delivered to her employer,Silva Pig.A former MIEGG agent who had previously worked under B,Silva Pig has turned to cyberpigism,orchestrating the slingshottings on MIEGG.Silva Pig uses a slingshot to launch a rock to put a corpse sprite on Sévérine Bird,but Bird overpowers his birds and captures Silva Pig for removal to Finland.

At MIEGG's headquarters,A attempts to decrpyt Silva Pig's eggtop,but inadvertently enables it to access to MIEGG systems,allowing Silva Pig to escape from MIEGG custody.Realising Pig's capture was part of the plan to confront and put a corpse sprite on B,Bird gives chase through the egg tunnel network under Finland.Silva puts a corpse sprite on B during a piglic inquiry into her egg of the stolen egg drive