The Blue Birds (aka Cyan Bird, Light Blue Bird, Splitter Bird) are a species of Birds used in the Angry Birds series. First debuting on the Theme 1-10, these birds are the weakest of the eight, but have the unique ability to multiply into three identical copies which fly into the pigs and their buildings.

It can be used in two ways. The first way is to multiply it when the player releases it to hit the targets in one time. The second way is to multiply it right before the bird crashes onto the building, to either break through ice or to push buildings down. Due to their lack of strength, they're mainly designed to destroy glass blocks. However, it's a must to multiply it to provide a triple force for tighter breaking the glass blocks or to push a whole building down.

Blue Bird [1] General Info Powers Multiplying into three and speeding up when shot. First Level Appearance: Theme 1-10 Gender: Male Species: Eastern Bluebird Locations: Many levels Strength: Weak Size: Small