The Second Red Bird Email. Female Red Bird, Big Brother Bird Are Guest Stars.


Red Bird: {shouting} ONE TWO THREE FOUR

{Red Bird starts singing hard rock with instruments in the background, and the following words appear as they are said:}

Red Bird: EMAIL IS AWESOME {"AWESOME"}, EMAIL IS WEIRD {"WEiRD"}, EMAIL IS AWESOME {"AWESOME"} AND EMAIL IS WEIRD {"WEIRD"}! And I'll never forget the way it was, GRRRL {"grrrl"}...uh!

You See: "Dear Red Bird, What's Your Family Up To? - Jonathan Shaheen, Ontario, Canada."

Red Bird: (Reads Email)

Red Bird: Okay, What's Going On?

Female Red Bird: Hi, I'm Your Sister And This Is My Brother.

Big Brother Bird: Hi!

Red Bird: Aw, crap. now my family is surrounding me.

(The Paper Appears)