I Ham You is the Valentine's day themed Angry Birds episode, and as such, is available through Angry Birds Seasons. It contains eighteen levels, all set in a large plans filled with cherry blossom trees, raining down hearts. It introduces Cloud blocks, which act similarly to Snow blocks from Season's Greedings, as well as Pigs that wear bow-ties. However, like with every accessory introduced in earlier additions, they can be knocked clean off, making these bow-wearring pigs not a new, separate species.

Unlike the previous episode, all 15 levels must be conquered in the order they are presented. However, the final three levels in this chapter cannot be opened by finishing the main levels. To unlock the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth levels, the player must "like" the app on Facebook. By simply pressing the large "like on Facebook" button on the second page and entering the site (even without internet access), these levels become available, and can be played, and completed, in any order the player desires.

There are two Golden Eggs in Hogs and Kisses, one which is collected on Theme V-7, and the other by getting all 54 stars.


  • Hogs and Kisses has the shortest amount of levels of any of the chapters offered in Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, with only 18 levels (not including golden eggs). This is the same amount of levels as Go Green, Get Lucky, and, if golden eggs aren't included, Easter Eggs.
  • When you finish Hogs and Kisses, you find a picture showing the Red Bird and the Female Red Bird standing next to each other with their eggs. There's a winged Pig hanging on a balloon dropping his bow and arrow.
  • "Hogs and Kisses" is a reference to the letter closing, "Hugs and Kisses".
  • There is 1 golden egg in 1-13. Under the slingshot. You have to use the yellow bird to destry the first two white rocks and after that use the white bird to get the egg.