Stella, The Pink Bird, is the 3rd playable female bird in the flock after the White Bird and Jewel from Angry Birds Rio. She is the first playable female bird that isn't part of the original flock.



As Stella likes to blows bubbles, she may be a young member of the flock. She shows signs of being childish, but also very cunning, as she quickly thwarts the pigs plans before they can launch them, easily proven when she used her bubble wand to make an egg shaped bubble. Stella gets enraged easily, but is very happy when not. She only had the bubble wand only in her reveal trailer.


Although weak against all materials, when tapping her, it activates her bubble ability. When activated, the Pink Bird will surround itself in a bubble, which will expand after a few seconds. Any block or pigs within the bubble's range will trapped in either pink, green, or blue bubbles. All of the bubbles will then rise towards the sky. After a few seconds, the bubbles will pop, sending everything that was caught crashing down. The bubbles cannot protect any blocks or pigs they capture.

However, the bubble has a small range. The bubble also cannot lift blocks that are secured in a structure, and thus, the Pink Bird will not be effective against heavily fortified structures. The bubble also cannot enclose and trap items.