Robert Bomb (Born December 11, 1984) is a bomb-like angry bird and the 4rd protagonist of Angry Birds: The Movie.

He is really good on stone. He is one of the only birds that is very strong. Also there was a coffee blend with him on the bag called explosive cappuccino.

His favorite number is 86.

He is played by Black Bird.


Bomb was born in New Hampshire in December 1984 to a general and an artist. His general father died when he was an egg, and his mother died thanks to the King Pig, via gunshot.

On November 7, 1990, he was bullied so much by a group of pigs that he litterally blew up in anger, killing them. King Pig later electrocuted Bomb, knocking him out.

The next day, November 8, he saw a scarlet bird named Red being beaten up by a pig. He blew up the pig, and saved Red, although Red was best friends with Chuck, a Wild Canary. Bomb grew jealous of their friendship, but never felt the urge to harm Chuck.

Role in the filmEdit

Robert is the general in the film. originally enslaved by the pigs, but he is freed by Fred, and they escape the evil, vile clutches of the king pig Rackmachjack.

Robert told Fred, Eggy, John, Louis, Ryan, Bert and Brady about how his parents were both killed by "Jack"; the king pig's nickname, and how he was sold into slavery.

They attack the group numerous times, but every time they came in to battle, the pigs escaped

Wanting revenge on his captor, Bomb blew up Jack's best friend, Earl, while he was still inside a building.

Avenging Earl's death, Jack kills Ryan, Bert and Brady. Robert